Selfish Compassion: Why You Should Go on a Mission Trip

Selfish Compassion: Why You Should Go on a Mission Trip

Selfish Compassion: Why You Should Go on a Mission Trip

There is no question that going on a mission trip changes the lives of those being ministered to, but what about the effects that a mission trip will have on you or your church? The truth is, a mission trip experience might just change your life as much as it changes those you minister to. True, if you are going on a mission trip you are probably already a Christian, but the experience of fulfilling the Great Commission in such a vivid way will refresh your spirit, shape your worldview, and ignite a passion in your pursuit of spiritual discipline.

I am living, right now, in Honduras where we, at Crossroads Alliance & Ministries, are hosting numerous mission teams, and I promise you, not one team has left without talking about how much they have learned and grown over the course of a week. When you go on a mission trip, everything changes – your understanding of love, compassion, need, blessing, and spiritual formation will all be shaped by what you experience. So yes, it is easy to argue that you should go on at least one mission trip in your life as a way to minister to others and fulfill the Great Commission, but I am writing this to urge you, if for no other reason than self-growth, that the next chance you get to go on a mission trip, do it. You will not regret it.

Here are some testimonials of people who have been on a mission trip with us recently:

  • “It’s so crazy to think that in just one week, so many strangers could become such a close family. I have seen things that scared me, made me cry, and wished I could do more at times; but I have also met many amazing people that have made me smile from ear to ear and filled my heart with complete love and joy. I want to thank SMI, Crossroads Alliance, and all of the wonderful doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and translators that I had the privilege of working with. This week has truly been the greatest experience of my life and I hope it’s not the last time I get to work with these incredible people. From saving lives to jumping off of waterfalls, I have fallen in love with the beautiful country of Honduras. Until we meet again 💘😍💉💊✈🇭🇳 Jeremiah 29:11.” – B. P.


  • “I LOVED our week in Honduras… The relationships are precious. The team is amazing. The memories are priceless. I’m so thankful to God for blessing me with this opportunity and I know that not a moment (or a dollar) will be wasted. I love this life I get to live. And a huge THANK YOU Steve for accommodating us, caring for us, encouraging us, empowering us, and teaching us. In a matter of days, you’ve impacted our lives in countless ways. Thank you for everything!!!” – A. T.


  • “I can’t put into words the many emotions I have felt this week as my heart was moved in more ways than imaginable. I was able to spend my last spring break in Honduras serving the beautiful people of this country. As we hop on the plane today I will not leave feeling sorrow for these people, rather I will leave knowing that faith in Christ is far greater than earthly riches. Although there were many sad stories of those requiring medical attention that did not have access, financial or physical, the people opened their arms and their homes to us “gringos” and allowed Christ to move through us. I will forever cherish the memories I made on this trip and will always remember the faces of each beautiful person.” – S. C.


  • “Unparalleled. In one word, that’s how I would describe my week in Honduras. My classmates and I were given a learning experience of a lifetime, thanks to our professors, the participating doctors and nurses, translators, and everyone involved in the coordination process (SMI and Crossroads Alliance & Ministries). We gained more knowledge and developed new skill sets over the course of the week, but even more than that, we grew as a family and made connections with each patient we met which deeply touched each of us and created a special bond with humanity that I know will keep us whole for the remainder of our careers✝🌎💊❤” – H. T.


  • “This trip has been the most valuable and life changing experience that I will probably ever have. It’s very hard to put all of the emotions into words. It opened my eyes to how bad some people’s living situations are. Of course everyone hears about people in poverty, but it doesn’t really hit home until you get the chance to see it. I have seen so many things that brought me to the point of tears. So many people told us that their doctors told them nothing was wrong when in reality these patient’s had very serious problems and we most likely saved their lives. Many stories broke my heart to see people suffering that way. We were able to help so many people, but in many cases I wished there was more that we could do for them. Our supplies were limited, but we were able to refer the extreme cases to a free children’s hospital. In one week, I have seen things that made me feel hopeless, and met people that made me smile and laugh and filled with love. I have fallen in love with the people and the beautiful country of Honduras It really has changed my outlook on life. As a privelaged country we complain about so many petty things, but we should be nothing but grateful. Anyone of us could have been born into this type of situation. I have seen families living in nothing but a few branches that had tin sheets tied to it, in a country where kids are on the street after 6th grade because that is when they stop having free schooling. But I have also seen things that have given me hope and filled my heart with love. This week has truly been the greatest experience of my life. I hope to one day have the chance to go on another medical mission trip in the future. Thank you so much to SMI and Crossroads who organized this event, Dr. Ben, Dr. Ralph, Shelia, Judy, and Randy, as well as our 3 teachers/pharmacists that made this experience possible for us. I would have never had this opportunity without all of you and it is one that I will cherish for my entire life. I truly hope that I will see you all again one day. Sending my love to Honduras💚🌴🍌🍍💚I will forever hold a place in my heart for you” – H. V.

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