Saving Lives and Saving Souls: A Medical Brigade in Honduras

Saving Lives and Saving Souls: A Medical Brigade in Honduras

Saving Lives and Saving Souls: A Medical Brigade in Honduras

This past week, we were blessed to host members from SMI as well as pharmacy students and faculty from ULM for a medical brigade here in Honduras. Rather than using the clinic building, this group was organized around doing home visits – caring for the sickest of the sick. There are countless of stories that could be told of how we were able to save lives this week, but here are just a few stories:

  • While doing medical ministry in Mezapa, we were taken to visit a woman has been immobilized for years, and, as a result, she had developed a large stasis ulcer on her left leg, and was showing signs of one on the right leg as well. Had it been left untreated, not only would she have developed a second ulcer, but the infection of the ulcer could have led to possible complications such as chronic leg ulcers or bone infections.


  •  At Rivera Hernandez a woman came to the church with her baby in her arms, she explained that anytime he cried, he would pass out, and placed him in one of the students arms to get him to cry – sure enough, while he was calm, his vitals were normal, but once he started crying, his heart rate would drop to 30 bpm. The team quickly got the mother in contact with a cardiologist and paid for the baby to receive an Echo. He is now waiting on results, and will receive the necessary treatment.

There are also other stories too – stories where the medical need was minimal, while the spiritual and emotional needs were significant. In any of the patients we saw, even for those who had life threatening cases, the one thing they appreciated most was having someone demonstrate that they care, and as a result, through this medical brigade were able to lead many to Christ through demonstrating his love and compassion.

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