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Disaster Response

As a part of ESF 15 (Emergency Support Function Volunteers and Donations), Crossroads Alliance plays a "Ready on Demand" role in utilizing and distributing donated goods and services by establishing points of distribution. Credentialed in Florida as a member of the State Emergency Response Team (SERT) as first responders to natural disasters, we mobilize our trained personnel and semi-trucks, bringing relief to the affected communities.

Crossroads Alliance is equipped to respond to natural disasters worldwide and capable of mobilizing and delivering hundreds of tons of aid to the United States and abroad.  



Crossroads Alliance owns and operates its fleet of late model semi-trucks. We can pick up large scale donations by truckload anywhere in the continental  48 states within 24 to 48 hours.  We can handle delivery and distribution within our procurement network 


mission trips

The best way to truly catch the vision of God's heart for Honduras is to come and see for yourself. Crossroads Alliance and Ministries are fully equipped and experienced in hosting a wide variety of volunteer teams. We have partnered with other local ministries to ensure your visit to Honduras is productive and life-changing. In addition to aiding in completing specific projects, we also host teams to perform activities and programs to help out with other ministry programs and needs. You'll be exposed to the roots of the Honduras problem, meet some fascinating people, and have a life-changing experience!!!


community outreach

Crossroads Alliance mobilizes churches and other like-minded organizations by providing procured goods to reach those in need.  We participate in disaster relief, community outreach projects, community food and drink handouts, community Fair Days, and door to door food distribution.  

Community Service

food box program

Crossroads Alliance and Ministries help low-income individuals and families in need to access food and toiletries through our weekly Food Box program. During these uncertain times, we see many more people reach out for help in obtaining necessities.

Each box provides meals so low-income households can put healthy food on their tables each week. Crossroads Alliance's Food Box program would not be possible if it weren't for our partner's and supporter's generous donations.

Food Delivery
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