This past year, Crossroads Alliance and Ministries has undertaken a missions compound in El Progreso, Yoro, Honduras in addition to the fish farm/agricultural  and Trade and Bible school properties we own there. Hence, in addition our Tilapia farm, Trade and Bible school development and shipments of medicine, medical supplies, and food to Honduras, CAM is also establishing agricultural sustainability, education, and church planting projects.

In addition to the 40 acres on the mountain where the fish farm is located, CAM has 12.4 acres for agriculture on the missions compound where the missions center, school, and trade and Bible school are located. Our mission for the agriculture program in not only to produce a sustainable crop to under-ride our ministry operations, but also to use it as a platform for environmental education, and to help local farmers develop their own sustainable crops.

We also aim to use our ability to procure and distribute goods to connect local farmers with larger corporations through serving as the mediator between the two both domestically in Honduras and abroad.

  • We are honored to introduce our newest member of the team, Eduardo Mazzoni who will be the Director of Agriculture. He is a graduate of Honduras’ National Agriculture School, and has years of experiencing in developing and carrying out plans for agricultural sustainability.


We opened our bilingual school last August by offering free English classes. As of April 4, we have opened registration for the 2016-2017 school year.

Missions Center
We are privileged to have a place to house and board mission teams on-sight at the mission compound with the school, trade and Bible school, Agriculture center and church (which is also just minutes away from the mountain property). We are able to house individuals, couples or large groups in our center and apartments.
As a result of our various projects, teams are able to tailor their trips to the specific spiritual gifts whether they be in outreach, education, agriculture, medical brigades, construction, etc. in orderly to most effectively spread the Gospel and compassion of Jesus Christ. This experience is not only life-changing for those being ministered to, but also for those coming to serve.

We have partnered with local pastor, Archi Zapata in order to begin offering full-family services.

Trade and Bible School
The Trade and Bible school facilities is separate from the educational building, yet still on the missions complex. This site contains classroom facilities as well as a culinary kitchen; it will be used for Bible school as well as vocational training such as business, cosmetology, woodworking, basic nursing and more.