CAM Honduras


We have partnered with a local pastor to provide church services with discipleship, leadership and family mentoring classes in our community: Guaymitas and El Progreso, Honduras.


Our bilingual school: Academia Cristiana Americana is a nationally accredited institution which offers classes for students from K-4 through the 6th grade. Our plans are to continue to add grades until we offer high school levels as well.

Mission Teams

For many years we have hosted work crews, church teams, medical groups, and numerous individuals on mission trips. CAM provides a safe environment for teams to rest, reflect, plan, and pray. If you are interested in planning a trip: longterm or short, please contact us  Steve Ewing.

Evangelism- Education – Empowerment


In addition to the 24 acres on a mountain fish & chicken farm, CAM has acreage for agriculture. Our vision for the agriculture program is to 1) provide an education system for employment, 2) assist our student and employees with good meals, 3) provide quality products for our community, and 4) help under-ride our ministry operations. 

Trade & Bible School

The trade and future Bible school facilities which are separate from the children educational building, yet still on the missions complex provides vocational training such as processing of fish, chickens, vehicle tire mounting, haircutting, and woodworking, empowers people with hope and purpose.

Ministry Support

In addition to our ministry projects, we can assist other ministries in Honduras by bringing teams to help with their projects. Crossroads logistical supply lines from the United States to Honduras has been a part of building clinics, churches, helped in digging wells, and cleaning the environment of trash and ocean debris.