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disaster relief


Ready to Respond

Crossroads Alliance supports local and international officials during Disaster Responses. Every year, natural disasters, and civil unrest displace millions of people around the world from their homes.  Crossroads Alliance is equipped to respond to natural disasters across the globe, and capable of mobilizing and delivering hundreds of tons of aid to the United states and abroad. Crossroads Alliance works diligently Year-round to ensure we are ready when something happens.


Humanitarian Services

We are active in providing humanitarian services across the globe: Food and Goods Distribution—we deliver food and water, as well as other essentials such as, medical equipment, children supplies, and personal hygiene kits. Construction Projects— Our construction projects consist of building schools, orphanages, clinics, churches, and housing. Education—We believe that education is vital for individuals, families, and communities to rise out of the cycle of poverty. This is why CAM has dedicated a portion of its ministry to designing and building schools, as well as providing school supplies for children in need around the world.

Roofers at Work

International Outreach

The most basic needs become scarce and dire in the event of an emergency: health, water, shelter, sanitation, livelihoods, safety, and education. Crossroads Alliance and Ministries take part in humanitarian aid internationally by doing construction projects such as building or restoring schools, churches, housing, orphanages and medical clinics around the world.

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