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Allied Against Hurricane Harvey and Irma

Allied Against Hurricane Harvey and Irma

September 2, 2017| 9:30 PM

Silsbee, TX – Our team worked in alliance with Silsbee Assembly of God to set up a distribution site to supply relief to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Many of the members of their church lost everything, leaving their homes in boats with nothing but the clothes on their backs. We are privileged to be a part of their recovery and joining with them as they also help bring relief to their community.

Don’t forget: it is because of you that this is made possible – as you give, you empower us to help those in need because at  the crossroads, goods become compassion.

At the Crossroads, Goods Become Compassion

September 2, 2017 | 12:00 PM

Ocala, FL – Our team is still on the grounds in Texas prepping to make multiple deliveries of relief supplies throughout the day.

Want to join the relief effort? CAM has partnered with churches and organizations in the Marion County area to make that possible! There are donation drops at

  • Meadowbrook Church Ocala
  • Wings of Faith Fellowship
  • Christ the King Anglican Church
  • Ocala First United Methodist Church
  • American Legion – Dunnellon

Or give online at

September 1, 2017 | 8:30 PM


We are currently on the ground delivering disaster relief supplies (food, water, hygiene kits, etc) in Houston to aid the victims affected by Hurricane Harvey. We will be here for the next two weeks serving and loving the people of Houston. We set up a command center to distribute tens of thousands of pounds of goods. Your donation will directly help those in distress. All contributions help the costs of transport and distribution of the goods to victims. Thanks to our partners, we are able to ship and distribute 8 times the amount of aid for the value. For a donation of $20, we can distribute about $160 worth of supplies. Our goal of $125,000 will us distribute $1,000,000 worth of aid relief.


September 1, 2017 | 12:30 PM

Houston, TX – A message from Steve:

“I’ve been asked by many of you to give an update of our ministries response to Hurricane Harvey. Crossroads Alliance has been responding over the past several days. I’m currently en route to Houston with another truckload of relief supplies. We have 4-5 more tractor trailer loads being prepped right now. If you’d like to help us in our efforts please know that our answer to you is YES. If you can help organize / procure supplies in Florida we are staging at Meadowbrook Church in Ocala ( with trailers there. If you feel led to come to Houston to volunteer please message me and I’ll help you to do that. If you’d like to help us financially you can send to
Crossroads Alliance
PO Box 1000
Silver Springs, Florida 34489

Also please PRAY as often as you can. This response will go on for months and the rebuild efforts will go on for years! …

Thanks so much for your kindness and generosity!!

Your Friend,
Steve Ewing
Proverbs 19:17

September 1, 2017 | 7:30 AM

Ocala, FL. – Thank you to Meadowbrook Church for setting up a Donation Drop to collect supplies to be sent over to Texas! See how you can get involved at

August 30, 2017 | 7:30 PM

Ocala, FL. – Crossroads Alliance & Ministries’ is dispatching a Disaster Response team to deliver aid and relief to those devastated by Hurricane Harvey. They will be working over the next several days to administer life-sustaining supplies to those in need.

Want to join the Alliance?

Here are three simple ways for you to partner in our relief efforts:

  • Donate Supplies – Due to the widespread devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey CAM will be in constant need of life sustaining supplies such as food, water and hygiene kits. There will be a donation drop site at Meadowbrook Church in Ocala and a drop site in Dunnellon.
  • Financial Support – Your financial support will aid CAM in the transportation and logistics of bringing supplies to the areas of need.
  • Prayer – Your prayers are needed! Please pray for all of those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey, pray for our team that is on the front line in Texas for safety and for them to have a mighty impact in their relief effort, and pray for the rest of our team that is back home playing support roles for everything that we are doing.
Hurricane Matthew Relief

Hurricane Matthew Relief

In response to the devastation left by Hurricane Matthew, Crossroads Alliance & Ministries is responding to the needs of those between Daytona Beach and Jacksonville. We would like to thank all those at Meadowbrook Church (MBC), CAM’s Regular Heroes of the week, who donated supplies for our relief effort.

Members of MBC left donations by the bumpers of their cars where the Meadowbrook Dream Team helped load up the trailer. We are definitely better together, and we appreciate the partnership and quick response of the church to help our surrounding communities.



Meet Meidy

Meet Meidy

Meet MeidyOur ministry in Honduras is growing, and so is our team. We are excited to introduce to you the newest member of our CAM Honduras team… Meet Meidy Vasquez! Meidy will be working at Academia Cristiana Americana as the school director, as well as a kindergarten teacher. She is a certified teacher with two years of previous experience, and has just obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Ceutec, one of the premier schools in Honduras.

Meidy has years of ministry experience in Honduras working as a translator for Iglesia Fe Victoria and serves on their worship team as well.

Regular Heroes: MBC College Mission Team

Regular Heroes: MBC College Mission Team

This past week, students from Meadowbrook College (a satellite campus of Southeastern University at Meadowbrook Church in Ocala, Florida) served on a mission trip at our missions complex in El Castaño, El Progreso, Honduras. During the past week, the team ministered to well over 600 students through community outreaches and development projects. They worked alongside local churches and pastors to support and build up the ministry taking place here in Honduras with special attention focused on children’s church development and worship ministry.


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Wondering how you can be a regular hero? It’s easy!

  1. Keep it Simple – Do all that you can with what you have.
  2. Be There – Look for opportunities to help. Be proactive, not reactive.
  3. Help others Succeed – Promote others and think creatively about how you can use your resources to help them succeed.
  4. Shop for apparel at to support one of their partner ministries (to support Crossroads click here:
Proud to be American: What CAM does for U.S.

Proud to be American: What CAM does for U.S.

At Crossroads Alliance & Ministries, we are proud to be Americans and we thank God for being a part of such an amazing country. Though in general we are a blessed nation, there are many who are in need; thus, being a humanitarian aid organization, we have a heart for serving not only those in need in other countries, but first and foremost for serving our fellow countrymen. Here are some ways CAM meets needs here in America:

  • Church and Ministry Support ~ In Exodus 17:12 Aaron and Hur come alongside Moses to help him keep his hands raised to bring about victory for the people of Israel. In the same way, at CAM we believe that we are called to come behind and beside churches and ministries to procure and transport the goods they need to effectively reach their communities.
  • Disaster Response ~ In times of disaster, we work with the local churches and ministries to respond to impacted areas. Our goal in disaster response is that when the disaster is over, people do not remember Crossroads Alliance & Ministries, but instead remember that their local churches and ministries reached out to them in their time of need. By using this method of response, our aim is to strengthen the Christian community in the impacted areas.
  • Standing Proud: Serving Veterans and Active Military ~ Last year, we adopted Standing Proud as a CAM project. As of this year, we have been asked by founder, Rhoda Robinson, to continue the ministry despite her retirement. CAM is excited to not only embrace the task of continuing the ministry which sends care packages to active military, but to expand this branch of ministry with an initiative to minister to veterans who have been wounded (whether physically, emotionally or spiritually).
Selfish Compassion: Why You Should Go on a Mission Trip

Selfish Compassion: Why You Should Go on a Mission Trip

There is no question that going on a mission trip changes the lives of those being ministered to, but what about the effects that a mission trip will have on you or your church? The truth is, a mission trip experience might just change your life as much as it changes those you minister to. True, if you are going on a mission trip you are probably already a Christian, but the experience of fulfilling the Great Commission in such a vivid way will refresh your spirit, shape your worldview, and ignite a passion in your pursuit of spiritual discipline.

I am living, right now, in Honduras where we, at Crossroads Alliance & Ministries, are hosting numerous mission teams, and I promise you, not one team has left without talking about how much they have learned and grown over the course of a week. When you go on a mission trip, everything changes – your understanding of love, compassion, need, blessing, and spiritual formation will all be shaped by what you experience. So yes, it is easy to argue that you should go on at least one mission trip in your life as a way to minister to others and fulfill the Great Commission, but I am writing this to urge you, if for no other reason than self-growth, that the next chance you get to go on a mission trip, do it. You will not regret it.

Here are some testimonials of people who have been on a mission trip with us recently:

  • “It’s so crazy to think that in just one week, so many strangers could become such a close family. I have seen things that scared me, made me cry, and wished I could do more at times; but I have also met many amazing people that have made me smile from ear to ear and filled my heart with complete love and joy. I want to thank SMI, Crossroads Alliance, and all of the wonderful doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and translators that I had the privilege of working with. This week has truly been the greatest experience of my life and I hope it’s not the last time I get to work with these incredible people. From saving lives to jumping off of waterfalls, I have fallen in love with the beautiful country of Honduras. Until we meet again 💘😍💉💊✈🇭🇳 Jeremiah 29:11.” – B. P.


  • “I LOVED our week in Honduras… The relationships are precious. The team is amazing. The memories are priceless. I’m so thankful to God for blessing me with this opportunity and I know that not a moment (or a dollar) will be wasted. I love this life I get to live. And a huge THANK YOU Steve for accommodating us, caring for us, encouraging us, empowering us, and teaching us. In a matter of days, you’ve impacted our lives in countless ways. Thank you for everything!!!” – A. T.


  • “I can’t put into words the many emotions I have felt this week as my heart was moved in more ways than imaginable. I was able to spend my last spring break in Honduras serving the beautiful people of this country. As we hop on the plane today I will not leave feeling sorrow for these people, rather I will leave knowing that faith in Christ is far greater than earthly riches. Although there were many sad stories of those requiring medical attention that did not have access, financial or physical, the people opened their arms and their homes to us “gringos” and allowed Christ to move through us. I will forever cherish the memories I made on this trip and will always remember the faces of each beautiful person.” – S. C.


  • “Unparalleled. In one word, that’s how I would describe my week in Honduras. My classmates and I were given a learning experience of a lifetime, thanks to our professors, the participating doctors and nurses, translators, and everyone involved in the coordination process (SMI and Crossroads Alliance & Ministries). We gained more knowledge and developed new skill sets over the course of the week, but even more than that, we grew as a family and made connections with each patient we met which deeply touched each of us and created a special bond with humanity that I know will keep us whole for the remainder of our careers✝🌎💊❤” – H. T.


  • “This trip has been the most valuable and life changing experience that I will probably ever have. It’s very hard to put all of the emotions into words. It opened my eyes to how bad some people’s living situations are. Of course everyone hears about people in poverty, but it doesn’t really hit home until you get the chance to see it. I have seen so many things that brought me to the point of tears. So many people told us that their doctors told them nothing was wrong when in reality these patient’s had very serious problems and we most likely saved their lives. Many stories broke my heart to see people suffering that way. We were able to help so many people, but in many cases I wished there was more that we could do for them. Our supplies were limited, but we were able to refer the extreme cases to a free children’s hospital. In one week, I have seen things that made me feel hopeless, and met people that made me smile and laugh and filled with love. I have fallen in love with the people and the beautiful country of Honduras It really has changed my outlook on life. As a privelaged country we complain about so many petty things, but we should be nothing but grateful. Anyone of us could have been born into this type of situation. I have seen families living in nothing but a few branches that had tin sheets tied to it, in a country where kids are on the street after 6th grade because that is when they stop having free schooling. But I have also seen things that have given me hope and filled my heart with love. This week has truly been the greatest experience of my life. I hope to one day have the chance to go on another medical mission trip in the future. Thank you so much to SMI and Crossroads who organized this event, Dr. Ben, Dr. Ralph, Shelia, Judy, and Randy, as well as our 3 teachers/pharmacists that made this experience possible for us. I would have never had this opportunity without all of you and it is one that I will cherish for my entire life. I truly hope that I will see you all again one day. Sending my love to Honduras💚🌴🍌🍍💚I will forever hold a place in my heart for you” – H. V.
Saving Lives and Saving Souls: A Medical Brigade in Honduras

Saving Lives and Saving Souls: A Medical Brigade in Honduras

This past week, we were blessed to host members from SMI as well as pharmacy students and faculty from ULM for a medical brigade here in Honduras. Rather than using the clinic building, this group was organized around doing home visits – caring for the sickest of the sick. There are countless of stories that could be told of how we were able to save lives this week, but here are just a few stories:

  • While doing medical ministry in Mezapa, we were taken to visit a woman has been immobilized for years, and, as a result, she had developed a large stasis ulcer on her left leg, and was showing signs of one on the right leg as well. Had it been left untreated, not only would she have developed a second ulcer, but the infection of the ulcer could have led to possible complications such as chronic leg ulcers or bone infections.


  •  At Rivera Hernandez a woman came to the church with her baby in her arms, she explained that anytime he cried, he would pass out, and placed him in one of the students arms to get him to cry – sure enough, while he was calm, his vitals were normal, but once he started crying, his heart rate would drop to 30 bpm. The team quickly got the mother in contact with a cardiologist and paid for the baby to receive an Echo. He is now waiting on results, and will receive the necessary treatment.

There are also other stories too – stories where the medical need was minimal, while the spiritual and emotional needs were significant. In any of the patients we saw, even for those who had life threatening cases, the one thing they appreciated most was having someone demonstrate that they care, and as a result, through this medical brigade were able to lead many to Christ through demonstrating his love and compassion.

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CAM Responds to Zika Outbreak in Honduras

CAM Responds to Zika Outbreak in Honduras

Earlier in February, the government of Honduras declared a national emergency as the outbreak of the Zika Virus drastically increased throughout the country. The mosquito-born virus’ symptoms are similar to those of dengue fever and chikungunya, with its most common symptoms being fever, rash, muscle pain, joint pain and conjunctivitis. There are also cases in which it causes birth defects in pregnant women.  There is no vaccination to prevent the virus, and, thus, the fight to control the spread of Zika has taken place through fumigation and treatment of those already affected.
With the vast number of individuals contracting Zika, and the limited medical resources in Honduras, Crossroads Alliance and Ministries is responding by donating $50M of medicine to our partners in Honduras – including the Ruth Paz Clinic and the Women’s Rotary Club of Honduras – for distribution to the areas of greatest need.