What We Do


CAM facilitates logistical supply lines in the United States and globally by shipping items such as food, food supplements, medicines, medical equipment, school supplies, and other items – with particular attention focused on children.

Disaster Response

CAM stands ready to provide immediate relief to victims of disaster both locally and around the world by providing hope and necessary supplies. The CAM team responds to natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, as well as to man-made disasters.

Mission Trips

CAM is honored to open eyes and hearts through hosting churches, youth groups, schools and and individuals on global mission trips. Each trip is customized for the gifting and calling of the group. A CAM-hosted mission trip allows people to experience the joy that comes with changing lives through compassion.

Community Outreach

Crossroads believes in the power of faith-based partners working together in their community. CAM is uniquely positioned to orchestrate the logistics of outreach events geared to minister to the poor and struggling residents of communities in conjunction with local churches and ministries.

Humanitarian Aid

CAM takes part in Humanitarian efforts throughout the world. Currently, a  significant investment of resources is building CAM Honduras. This life-changing ministry is developing campuses where a church, school, agriculture center and trade and Bible school  help those in the community rise out of their cycle of poverty.


We offer children and adults a brighter future by designing and constructing schools, churches, clinics, orphanages and housing around the world. We are currently constructing buildings for our school, Academia Cristiana Americana in Honduras.