Regular Heroes: MBC College Mission Team

Regular Heroes: MBC College Mission Team

Regular Heroes: MBC College Mission Team

This past week, students from Meadowbrook College (a satellite campus of Southeastern University at Meadowbrook Church in Ocala, Florida) served on a mission trip at our missions complex in El Castaño, El Progreso, Honduras. During the past week, the team ministered to well over 600 students through community outreaches and development projects. They worked alongside local churches and pastors to support and build up the ministry taking place here in Honduras with special attention focused on children’s church development and worship ministry.


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Wondering how you can be a regular hero? It’s easy!

  1. Keep it Simple – Do all that you can with what you have.
  2. Be There – Look for opportunities to help. Be proactive, not reactive.
  3. Help others Succeed – Promote others and think creatively about how you can use your resources to help them succeed.
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